Dr. Joseph Whiting10/28/2018
Acta 9:1-9, "An Unexpected Change of Plans"

Dr. Joseph Whiting10/21/2018
Acts 8:26-40, "A Genuine Profession of Faith"

Dr. Joseph Whiting10/14/2018
Acts 8:9-24, "A Case of False Profession"

Dr. Joseph Whiting10/7/2018
Acts 8:1-8, "The Work of the Persecuted Church"

Dr. Joseph Whiting9/30/2018
Acts 7:37-60, "The Consequences of a Stubborn Heart"

Dr. Joseph Whiting9/23/2018
Acts 7:30-36, "The God Who Does Not Hide"

Dr. Joseph Whiting9/16/2018
Acts 7:17-22, "God Sends a Deliverer"

Dr. Joseph Whiting9/9/2018
Acts 7:11-16, "The Unfolding Plan of God"

Dr. Joseph Whiting8/26/2018
Acts 7:1-8, "The God Who Keeps His Promises"

Dr. Joseph Whiting8/12/2018
Acts 6:1-7, "Real Problems: Biblical Solutions"