Dr. Joseph Whiting10/13/2019
Acts 20:18-38, "Essential Qualities of Church Leadership"

Dr. Joseph Whiting10/6/2019
Acts 20:1-17, "Staying on Target with our Mission"

Dr. Joseph Whiting9/29/2019
Acts 19:21-41, "A Riot in Ephesus"

Dr. Joseph Whiting9/22/2019
Acts 19:1-20, "Objectives of A New Testament Church"

Dr. Joseph Whiting9/15/2019
Acts 18:18-28, "Progress of the Ministry"

Dr. Joseph Whiting9/8/2019
Acts 18:12-17, "Encouragement for God's Servants - Part 2"

Dr. Joseph Whiting8/25/2019
Acts 18:1-11, "Encouragement for God's Servants - Part 1"

Dr. Joseph Whiting8/18/2019
Acts 17:16-34, "A Singular Truth in a Pluralistic World"

Dr. Joseph Whiting8/4/2019
Acts 17:10-15, "The Berean Spirit"

Dr. Joseph Whiting7/28/2019
Acts 17:1-9, "How to Turn the World Upside Down"