Dr. Joseph Whiting5/20/2018
Acts 4:23-31, "The Power of s Praying Church'

Dr. Joseph Whiting5/6/2018
Acts 4:13-22, "The Evidence of a Changed Life"

Dr. Joseph Whiting4/29/2018
Acts 4:5-12, "Believers on the Hot Seat"

Dr. Joseph Whiting4/15/2018
Acts 3:17-26, "Repentance: The First Step Toward God"

Dr. Joseph Whiting4/8/2018
Acts 3:11-16, "Through Faith in His Name"

Dr. Joseph Whiting3/18/2018
Acts 3:1-10, "The Authentic Gospel Proven"

Dr. Joseph Whiting3/11/2018
Acts 2:43-47, "The Blessing of Christian Fellowship", Part 2

Dr. Joseph Whiting3/4/2018
Acts 2:42, "The Blessing of Christian Fellowship", Part 1

Dr. Joseph Whiting2/25/2018
Acts 2:37-41, "What Shall We Do?"

Dr. Joseph Whiting2/18/2018
Acts 2:29-36, "Christ is Exalted"