Dr. Joseph Whiting8/4/2019
Acts 17:10-15, "The Berean Spirit"

Dr. Joseph Whiting7/28/2019
Acts 17:1-9, "How to Turn the World Upside Down"

Dr. Joseph Whiting7/21/2019
Acts 16:19-40, "Joy In Suffering"

Dr. Joseph Whiting7/14/2019
Acts 16:11-18, "Deliverance By The Power Of Christ"

Dr. Joseph Whiting7/7/2019
Acts 16:1-10, "The Macedonian Call"

Dr. Joseph Whiting6/30/2019
Acts 15:30-41, "Theological Unity and Personal Conflict"

Dr. Joseph Whiting6/23/2019
Acts 15:19-29, "The Council's Decision"

Dr. Joseph Whiting6/9/2019
Acts 15:1-18, "Law or Grace"

Dr. Joseph Whiting6/2/2019
Acts 14:1-28, "Joy and Suffering in God's Work"

Dr. Joseph Whiting5/5/2019
Acts 13:26-43, "Paul's First Recorded Sermon Part 2"