Dr. Joseph Whiting3/17/2019
Acts 12:1-19, "The Church at Prayer"

Dr. Joseph Whiting3/10/2019
Acts 11:19-30, "Barnabas: The Ministry of Encouragement"

Dr. Joseph Whiting3/3/2019
Acts 11:1-18, "Good News About the Church"

Dr. Joseph Whiting2/24/2019
Acts 10:24-48, "The Gospel Reaches the Gentiles"

Dr. Joseph Whiting2/17/2019
Acts 10:1-23, "The Inclusive Nature of the Church"

Dr. Joseph Whiting2/10/2019
Accts 9:32-43, "The Continuing Ministry of Jesus"

Dr. Joseph Whiting2/3/2019
Acts 9:26-31, "Principles for a New Testament Church"

Dr. Joseph Whiting1/27/2019
Acts 9:20-25, "Evidences of Transformed Life"

Dr. Joseph Whiting1/20/2019
Acts 9:10-19, "Yielding tp God's Plan

Dr. Joseph Whiting1/6/2019
Acts 7:51-54,"The Charge of Resisting the Holy Spirit"