Dr. Joseph Whiting8/12/2018
Acts 6:1-7, "Real Problems: Biblical Solutions"

Dr. Joseph Whiting7/22/2018
Acts 5:33-42, "Man's Response to Truth"

Dr. Joseph Whiting7/15/2018
Acts 5:29-32, "Four Inconvenient Truths"

Dr. Joseph Whiting7/8/2018
Acts 5:17-28, "Blessed Are the Persecuted"

Dr. Joseph Whiting6/24/2018
Acts 5:12-16, "The Church that Fears God"

Dr. Joseph Whiting6/3/2018
Acts 4:32-37, "The Grace-filled Life of the Church"

Dr. Joseph Whiting5/20/2018
Acts 4:23-31, "The Power of s Praying Church'

Dr. Joseph Whiting5/6/2018
Acts 4:13-22, "The Evidence of a Changed Life"

Dr. Joseph Whiting4/29/2018
Acts 4:5-12, "Believers on the Hot Seat"

Dr. Joseph Whiting4/15/2018
Acts 3:17-26, "Repentance: The First Step Toward God"